Now is the time to show your softer side.

Empathy is key to ensure Brand survival during COVID19.

How your Brand responds to the current COVID19 global crisis will say a lot about your brand to others.  Remember that during times like these, it is best to be honest, transparent and true to your core values – this aids the building of brand value and brand love.

It may not be the time to put across a new sales pitch, but it definitely is time to come up with innovative ideas to meet your customer’s new emotional needs. It is a time to be empathetic.  Brands need to step up now more than ever and be leaders during this time.

Empathy allows brands to build deeper connections with their audience.  Engage with people and inspire connection.  People want to feel that their brands understand their needs in the now and it will help brands if they focus on what their customers truly value right now.

During a pandemic such as this, creating content that evokes empathy will more likely evoke an action – sharing, responding and even creating change.

Whilst Wimpy added at home to their iconic tagline enjoy every moment invoking an emotional connection with their audience, Pick n Pay responded to panic, by creating a pensioners-only initiative.  The initiative was first suggested by their online community.   Shoppers over 65 were given exclusive access to the stores for an hour on Wednesdays to buy what they need before the shelves where cleared by deeper pockets and panic buyers.  By responding to this concern, Pick n Pay showed empathy and understanding to their customers. Flowers were even handed out to pensioners as they arrived at the stores. Soon after their implementation of this initiative, Pick n Pay encouraged all their competitors follow suit.

Brands have the responsibility to deliver simple messages that address COVID-19 and social responsibility. Brands have influence and their messaging must be informative. Audiences today expect brands to be socially responsible. 

Nandos South Africa Social distancing advert - Your place, not ours (for now)
South African Brand Nandos encourages #stayathome initiative

Your brand can show its softer side.  Remain sensitive to the human side of things; job losses and hardship are just some being experienced by your audience right now.  Showing empathy will build brand value that will keep your brand connections solid through this crisis.

Nike - if you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world

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