Now is the time to show your softer side.

Empathy is key to ensure Brand survival during COVID19. How your Brand responds to the current COVID19 global crisis will say a lot about your brand to others.  Remember that during times like these, it is best to be honest, transparent and true to your core values – this aids the building of brand valueContinue reading “Now is the time to show your softer side.”

Hello Expansion

Don’t you just love it when one of your favourite favourites comes out with a new flavour or new product?  It is like Christmas for me every time.  Perhaps it is because new products ARE my favourite flavour! -LOL So how do brands successfully expand? There are various ways you can build and grow yourContinue reading “Hello Expansion”

All from a tin of condensed milk.

Managing Corporate Reputation and Building a Brand Portfolio We have all heard our parents say things like; “Do your family proud!” “Wear that name with pride!” “Carry on the family legacy!.” This has a lot to do with keeping up the family reputation. Your surname identifies you with generations of others from whence you came. Continue reading “All from a tin of condensed milk.”

Bold Integration

My eldest son threw me in the deep end the the other day.  He specifically asked for a trick bicycle from the UK for his birthday. I told him that I could not get it delivered to South Africa, so he would have to think of something else to ask for as a birthday gift. Continue reading “Bold Integration”

The Disney Way

The art of magical encounters and internal brand marketing I love all things Disney!  Yes, it is true! I am still awash with wonder at the sheer delight and fantastical funtertainment that is the magical Disney brand. I have been so fortunate to have experienced the magic of the Disney Parks on numerous occasions; asContinue reading “The Disney Way”

FutureLife is Tops

TOP OF MIND – Successful Brand positioning For brands to inhabit a good positioning they need to have a strong belief for a start.  They must know who they are , why they are here and what they stand for.  Further to this, of course, is that they must communicate to the right people andContinue reading “FutureLife is Tops”